JOYCOOK Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill on Gas Stove with 3D Heating System
Serial No: 23884 / Model No: ED-G900

This innovative stove top barbecue oven utilizes a convection cooking method effectively cooking your food. The heat circulates through all 3 dimensions negating the need to turn over and flip your food.

In addition, the oils from fats will drains through the holes on the bottom of the cooking area and discharge through to the bottom tray, which allows for a smokeless and odourless cooking experience.

1. Non-electric convection oven : perfect for western and eastern style cooking. 2. Prevents odor, smoke and splashing oil. 3. Directed, dimensional heating of food : cooks your food outside and inside simultaneously. 4. Good for the environment through effective use of heat : cooks faster and more thoroughly using less energy and heat than traditional cookware. 5. Promotes healthy meals and healthy diet : removes unhealthy fat and grease from your foods. 6. Easy to clean and maintain : all grill sections are removable and accessible for thorough cleansing. 7. Portable and easy for outside use : great portability for outdoor barbecue use, sturdy, windproof and heatproof.

Material: Hard enodized Aluminum
Origin: Made in Korea
Brand: Joycook
Size: 13" x 8"H
Weight: 8.5 lbs
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Ed-g900 Ed-g900
Avg. Customer Rating 5 out of 5 (based on 1 reviews)
by Jim Olsen on 11/22/2010
This is genius! works great! It turns my stove top into an isolated oven for my steak!
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