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Japanese Square Omelet Pan
Serial No: 23898 / Model No: EDC-S

This is a Premium Quality Egg pan for making Tamago (egg sushi). Effortlessly make thin layers of eggs, for American Style omelets as well!

Material: Aluminum
Origin: Made in China
Size: 9.75"SQ x 1.75"
A. Omelet Pan, 9.75"SQ
Model No: EDC-S24
In stock and ready to ship
B. Omelet Pan, 7"
Model No: EDC-S18
In stock and ready to ship
Avg. Customer Rating 5 out of 5 (based on 1 reviews)
great omelet pan
by on 04/15/2012
I bought this to make numerous omelets for a party. It is fabulous! every omelet was perfect and did not stick. I highly recommend it!