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Tiger Electric Rice Cooker 3cup JNP-0550
Serial No: 24067 / Model No: JNP-0550-sample

Cooking fluffy, delicious rice is as easy as pushing a button. The JNP-1800, by Tiger of Japan, steams up to 10 cups of rice to perfection, then keeps it warm until serving time. Advanced cooking features such as surround heating for even cooking, Thermal Read Switch to precisely control temperature and steam flow. Nonstick inner pan cleans easily and the cord retracts for storage. Measuring cup and rice ladle included. Heavy duty unit is built to last.

Capacity : 0.54L / 18.3oz / 3cups

Keep-warm function(up to 12 hours)
Non-stick inner pan
Retractable power cord
Spatula & 6 oz. measuring cup

Origin: Japan
Brand: Tiger
Size: 23.1x22.1x22.3cm
Color: Lovely Flower
Weight: 6.25 lbs
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