Refurbished Rice Cookers
Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker 10cup
Serial No: 24068 / Model No: WHK-V1047GX-RF

Item Condition - Refurbished

Condition : Outside is very clean, Inner pan has a little stain at out side(no scratches inside), work very well!

This Cuchen IH technology pressure rice-cooker features the shortest cooking time (14min) among rice cookers available in the market, reducing times for cook in the morning. Applied the same digital interface to digital devices to offer easy control with display for progress in operation.

220-Way flavor Control. Keep-warm function with sensors. Power pressure packing. 12-steps safety function device. Voice Guide feature. Self cleaning function.

Rice Menu : Activated white rice (healthy rice by activating the nutrient) Special Menu : Slow Cooker (porridge, soup, tea etc.) Copper inner cooking pan with Dyking coating.

Material: Inner cooking pan : Copper
Origin: Korea
Brand: Cuchen
Size: 10cup
Weight: 20.47 lbs
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