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Hario Glass Food-storage Container with Measurement Markers, Set of 3
Serial No: 24130 / Model No: PRM-NW-3U

Modern and stylish, this set of three food-storage containers makes an eco-friendly choice for preserving perishables, stashing dry goods, reheating leftovers, and more. The units feature clear, heat resistant-glass and allow for a quick view of inside contents, Conveniently comes in three different sizes that fit inside each other to save space when not in use. Comes in a Gift box. 

  • Set of 3 round food-storage containers in 10(300ml), 20(600ml), and 40(1200ml) ounce sizes
  • Made of Heat-resistant glass / Made in Japan
  • Lid has a ventilation for heating food in the microwave
  • Safe for use in the microwave (including Lid) and top rack dishwasher
  • Each container has measurement marker 100,200ml/200,400ml/300,500,800ml - Great for cooking preparation


Material: Heat-resistant Glass
Origin: Made in Japan
Brand: Hario
Size: 4.5"D by 2"H, 5.5"D by 2.5"H, and 6.5"D by 3"H
Weight: 1.85 lbs
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Avg. Customer Rating 5 out of 5 (based on 2 reviews)
by Kate on 12/06/2010
This is truly perfect for my left overs!!
Reheating food in heat resistant glass feels a lot safer!
by Carla on 12/02/2010
Finally, I found this Heat-resistant glass storage that i can safely reheat in the microwave. I never trusted reheating my foods in plastic containers that supposedly say microwave safe.