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Beverage Saver Caps for Small Cans, 2set
Serial No: 24269 / Model No: C-3513

This pair of convenient beverage saver caps keep small canned beverages sealed and help keep smaller soda cans from fizzing out. They are perfect for keeping the beverage cold without exposing the opened beverage into refridgerator air, which can contaminate the taste. The caps are also great for preventing spills, while being easy to open and close.

  • Designed to fit soda or juice cans with 50mm in diameter such as "Red Bull" energy drink
  • Not intended to be used for long hours
  • When using with carbonated drink, do do not expose to high temperatures or shake the can with it
  • use only soft sponge to clean.


Material: Plastic
Origin: Made in Japan
Size: 2.5 dia inch
Color: WHITE
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