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Cuchen Premium IH Pressure Rice Cooker 6Cup, Metal Grey -sample
Serial No: 24341 / Model No: WHA-VE0609G-SP

Cuchen IH technology pressure rice-cooker could cook rice in 14 minutes, but this new premium IH pressure rice cooker can cook a mixed rice in 29 minutes. So, we call this smart and speedy kitchen appliance a 'Wellbeing Appliance'. This rice cooker features a 'reservation keep-warm function', which allows food to retain much much more of its nutrients and flavor in the cooked rice. It also saves 40% of energy than the previous model. Maintenace is a breeze with the one touch self cleaning function; it self cleans, sterilizes, and prevents odor. Cook up the most delicious servings of rice FAST and EASY!

  • Duarable Diamond Queen Coating
  • Gold dimple coating inner pot/both side dimple, entire dimple oven
  • Dettachable inner cover
  • Speedy cook for mixed rice in 29minutes
  • Reservation Keep-warm function - control warm temperature and save energy
  • One touch Self cleaning function (sterilization, too)
  • Voice navigation Feature- Korean
  • Wellbeing cook function (Steam, Slow cook)
  • 110V for USA use
  • One year Warranty Offered from Manufacture
  • Free gift - 100% wood towel Wonder Towel




Material: Inner pan - Industrial Gold plate, aluminum / Industrial diamond coating
Origin: Made in Korea
Brand: Cuchen
Size: 6cup
Weight: 14.0 lbs
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