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ROICHEN Cast Aluminum Wok with Ceramic Coating, 12"
Serial No: 24372 / Model No: RNC-30W/R

These cookware are made of die cast aluminum and the cooking side is diamond ceramic coated for a nice and smooth surface to cook on; it is easy to clean, healthier due to the need of less oil to cook and a lot more resistant than other non-stick conventional materials used in the industry. By using the ceramic to cook, the food will cook more evenly in less time due to the superior heat retention, and they are dishware safe for more convenience.

  • PFOA Free / PTFE Free
  • Water based coating
  • Tough ceramic non-stick coasting surface
  • During the application of the ceramic Coating, there are no toxic fumes produced
  • Rapid and even heat distribution
  • Oven Safe / Dishwasher Safe

Material: Die Cast Aluminum / Diamond Ceramic Coating
Origin: Made in Korea
Size: 12 inch diameter
Color: Red
Weight: 2.33 lbs
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