About Us


Elliotdepot is the home of creative kitchenware as well as many other things to that will simplify your life. We search the world for products that make everyday life more aesthetically pleasing and overall more enjoyable. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of one’s home, and we offer everything to help you prepare, serve, and store your meals. We also offer products that will help in maintaining a clean home. Each of our products have been thoughtfully designed to achieve maximum efficiency, and make wonderful gifts as well.

We place the highest value on quality and offer high-quality products with excellent design and function.

Many of products that we offer are popular Japanese brands that are made in Japan, but difficult to find in the United States. Several of the tableware we carry are limited production items. This is one of the reasons why we constantly update our site with new items from around the world. For the Japanese tableware, we carry only the limited quantity for each design so that you can own the unique tableware in the world.